#Change11 Media Wise

mediawijsIn the Netherlands ‘mediawijsheid’  (media wisdom) is a subject in schools. In http://softskills.kennisnet.nl/informatie you will find sources (most in Dutch, but some in English) on digital information skills.

Teachers should foster critical skills in all lessons and colleges. You should touch this subject of critical skills every day.

  • Use different search engines, Google is not the only search engine. (ask your students: What are differences in results from different search engines?)
  • If 36 students say “Yes” and 1 says “NO”, who are right?
  • Use the “save draft” button of your blog and think it over before using the “publish” button.
  • “Where is the money?” Ask yourself why someone wants you to read a website, blog, article,  and why you should believe the content.
  • Critical reading skills are not new. English teachers and teachers of other languages do know how to teach critical reading.

In http://www.ou.nl/Docs/Expertise/RdMC/2010%20Rapporten/WEB_Rapport_9_Informatievaardigheden_web.pdf you will find sources (most English) on digital critical skills on page 74.

source image: Kennisnet


3 thoughts on “#Change11 Media Wise

  1. I like this – ‘Media Wisdom’. If only it were integrated into the curriculum over here in the same way.

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