Learning and science #change11

I was searching for more knowledge on learning and research on learning and education when I found this little booklet. I did copy and paste some parts of the book. You know this stuff of course, I will use it in my work.

  • Teachers must help students to become active and goal oriented by building on their natural desire to explore, to understand new things and to master them.
  • Research has shown that social collaboration can boost student achievement, provided that the kinds of interactions that are encouraged contribute to learning.
  • People learn best when they participate in activities that are perceived to be useful in real life and are culturally relevant.
  • The ability to relate new information to prior knowledge is critical for learning.
  • Children need help from teachers to develop appropriate strategies for solving mathematics problems, when understanding texts, doing science, learning from other students, etc. Research shows that when teachers make systematic attempts to teach learning strategies to students substantial gains can result.
  • Self-regulation involves the development of specific strategies that help learners evaluate their learning, check their understanding and correct errors when appropriate.
  • Sometimes prior knowledge can stand in the way of learning something new. Students must learn how to solve internal inconsistencies and restructure existing conceptions when necessary.
  • When something is understood, it is not forgotten easily and it can be transferred to other situations.
  • Learning becomes more meaningful when the lessons are applied to real-life situations.
  • Learning is a complex cognitive activity that cannot be rushed. It requires considerable time and periods of practice to start building expertise in an area.
  • Schools must create the best environment for the development of children taking into consideration such individual differences.
  • An important characteristic of intrinsically motivated learners is their belief that effort is important for success. Teachers can influence students’ determination to achieve by their behavior and the statements they make.


The booklet is translated in several languages: http://www.ibe.unesco.org/en/services/online-materials/publications/educational-practices.html


3 thoughts on “Learning and science #change11

  1. In other work a necessary working balance between seemingly conflicting pedagogical approaches

  2. Vanessa, coffee is ready. 😉
    I feel pedagogics is an more of an art and not so much an academic science and science and art are strangers to each other.
    Now we will make music, tomorrow is an other day for work and study

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