Heutagogy #change11 andragogy lifelong learning e-learning

Comments on Heutagogy and Lifelong Learning: A Review of Heutagogical Practice and Self-Determined Learning (Lisa Marie Bisschke) (IRRODL)


Andragogy as  adult education, in the Netherlands mostly is understood as language learning for immigrants, teaching reading and writing for adults, education for people at the bottom of the social scale. Is heutagogy  the education for the high end of  the social/educational scale?

Heutogogy  the way the teacher makes the teacher redundant. “the removal of the educator makes the concept of heutagogy impractical in a credentialing institution”

Heutagogy and peer-agogy, the autonomous learner needs peers for help and guidance. Key affordances of social media – connectivity with others, information discovery and sharing are also affordances that support self-determind learning activities.

Heutagogy as pedagogy 2.0.

Collaborative learning is also a critical component of the heutagogical classroom. (a heutagogical classroom isn’t that a paradox?)

Lifelong learning and assessment: assessment as an end to a learning process is contrary to lifelong learning. Does assessment fit into the framework of lifelong learning?

I like this article of Lisa Marie Blaschke. Good introduction to heutagogy, makes one think.


8 thoughts on “Heutagogy #change11 andragogy lifelong learning e-learning

  1. Yes, thanks… I had (social media content) obligations that took me away and ate up time. What a treat to come back to this. I’ve taught both GED and ESL, but I’ve also mixed pedagogy and andragogy teaching riding, although that calls for careful matching. My own personal bent from an early age (only child of peripatetic parents, surrounded by books) has been heutagogical (what a word!) or I wouldn’t be here.

    “The higher education response to heutagogy so far has been one of reluctance” is an understatement. Try fear and loathing.

  2. Hi, great blog. I disagree that heutagogy is redundant in credentialing institutions. I’m sure that is what they would like to think. Rather the credentialing institution needs to rethink how it goes about real learning and not let the credential pull the cart-rather the learning should lead the way. See also Russell Ackoff.


    Stewart Hase

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