If you want to scoop my blog, do read the copyright first

In some scoop it publications people do publish texts of other people, without the name of the author of the copied text.

in your scoop it you mention one of my blogposts, as follows:

connectiv.wordpress.com – Today, 4:30 PM
Mensbeeld (Imaginem Humana) in a connectivist world #change11
If we want to know more about Connectivism as a theory of learning or knowledge or teaching, we could look at the “view of man” (mensbeeld) that is implied or expressed in connectivist texts.

Name of person

I think it is very strange your name is under this text. I did write the text, and I am willing to share it but you must mention my name. (I have a creative commons mention on my blog where you can find the rules for copyright)

I do not write this blog to get as much followers or readers as possible. You do not do me a favor by scooping my texts. I would rather want to read your comments on my blog.
Using scoop-it, could you tell me why you do scoop blogs? Nobody can make comments to your scoop-it publication.

The scoop-it team has a solution:

Just like on any blog platform, you can use the edit part of the post to enter any kind of free text, including the author’s name. Here’s an example: http://www.scoop.it/t/web-content-digital-curation/p/1234597561/content-and-the-new-marketing-equation-by-brian-solis
NB: the original Web site is always mentioned as a source at the top of the post.
The Scoop.it Team


3 thoughts on “If you want to scoop my blog, do read the copyright first

  1. Hi Serena,
    it is only putting the right name with the text they quote. It is a fail of scoop-it, I guess. But the scoop-it people are not so quick in answering questions.

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