Write, write, please

What if you stop learning?
What is the difference between me knowing Douglas Adams wrote ” it is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes” and some scientific knowledge you know?
Do you know an example of scientific knowledge that is different from unscientific knowledge?
Wilhelm Schmid wrote (my translation) “analytical knowledge is useful but hermeneutics is more fun and more like real life” do you agree?
Lesson plans and curriculum do exist, planning and learning are a common combination. But is unplanned learning of any value?
What did #change11 your learning?
Do you understand the connection between these questions and the writing monk?

Thank you for “write write please”


6 thoughts on “Write, write, please

  1. I’m not sure exactly what learning is or what it is for. Most of what you learn in school is handy to know if you were captured by teachers and locked in a school. If you had spent more time at the circus you could escape with all your fellow inmates dressed as horses and give riding lessons to the teachers.

  2. Forgot to mention that the teachers, being prisoners also, escaped too (after deciding who got which end of the horse).

    The fact that school brings up so many images of silliness, confusion and sometimes hurt, is an indication of how important it is to all of us.

    I wouldn’t give up on potatoes yet, it might be a mistake to underestimate potatoes and science tells us to explore all aspects of the incoming data without bias. We can eat the potatoes later.

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