write again on #change11

What if you stop learning?
When you do not learn any more you are a dead person. Teaching is not a condition for learning. We learn to recognize things and persons and states because we are ‘born to learn’.
What is the difference between me knowing Douglas Adams wrote ” it is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes” and some scientific knowledge you know?
For rhetorical reasons people use the words “scientific knowledge” and do impress us with that. But is is not clear what “scientific knowledge” means. Is truth is the difference between scientific and unscientific? The citation of Douglas Adams (The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide (omnibus) , Wings books Nw York, 1996, p. 437) is a true sentence in the sense of Tarski’s theorem, but is it science?.
Do you know an example of scientific knowledge that is different from unscientific knowledge?
The difference might not be in the knowledge as such but in the community and organization of science.
Wilhelm Schmid wrote (my translation) “analytical knowledge is useful but hermeneutics is more fun and more like real life” do you agree?

Geetha Narayanan has a hermeneutical story on education.
Lesson plans and curriculum do exist, planning and learning are a common combination. But is unplanned learning of any value?
Good teachers do plan learning, and always change plans when teaching. Some are strangled in rigged curricula.
What did #change11 your learning?

Do you understand the connection between these questions and the writing monk?
The monk is part of a community, he is writing and learning. Stephen Downes theory of knowledge is applicable on this monk


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