Video or writing. #change11

A video is a very passive medium, it is sit and watch and follow me. (couch potato learning)
I want a text, a verbal text. I want to make shortcuts, to read twice, to think about a sentence. Want to start at the end to see if its worth reading.
When you want to show me some processes or other real visual things then I would like a video or a clever image.
And verbal text can be translated if I want.

image: Aardappeleters van Gogh (eating potato)


8 thoughts on “Video or writing. #change11

  1. hi Jaap,
    yes, the verbal text can be translated!

    A video is a very passive medium, maybe….! the video may stimulate reflection from the standpoint of him who is the author of the video!

    a clever image is good! yes! I like.

    And the audio, do you like it or don’t like, answer, please.

  2. Hi Tereza, Audio, talking persons, can be interesting if the subject is interesting. Did try audiobook in an airplane, that was not very enjoyable.
    I know a visually impaired person who only can listen to audiobooks (no reading a real book any more) and she hates it. ‘One has to follow the story without the possibility of skipping or fast reading’
    In the car I can listen to discussions on radio and sometimes do not change stations to music.
    It is the same as video, the subject is important.

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