Occupy the MOOC #change11

occupyMOOCPlaying a piece of music of Arvo Pärt and trying to make it a piece of my own. “Please play the notes as the composer did write them down”, teachers of (classical) music often say. Classical music often is music of Big Names, Great Composers, Best Conductors. In the “Classical Music Game” some rules about who is boss and who has to follow are important.
Maybe (I do not know, but have a feeling it might be) in Literature these rules are comparable. Great books, Important names.
What could be the function of these rules? Do these rules make us happy?
Wonder if we could find this kind of game also in Educational Theory, some Great Names, Important Stories about Education.
One of the features/rules is “High up there is a master (-musicoan, -author, headmaster) and we are only allowed to stand down here in awe”

Do we ‘from habit” apply these Classic Art Game rules being students to the MOOC? Do students apply these rules (with a lot of anger and resistance in some classes) to Education?

Is now the time to occupy the MOOC?
Is now the time to forget about being adapted respectable and well behaved students?
Who owns a MOOC?
Has a real MOOC facilitators?

8 thoughts on “Occupy the MOOC #change11

  1. Occupy the MOOC. What would you like to read, write and discuss this week? How will you connect with other learners? Can you tighten connections? What would you facilitate?

  2. In my opinion occupy the MOOC is about every MOOC participant being self responsible for learning. Connect, discuss and publish to keep on learning.

  3. hi, Jaap,
    eu li o seu post e acho que a explicação pode ser encontrada na ORQUESTRAÇÃO!

    o MAESTRO ao nosso ver eh aquele que dirige…. mas nao, isso eh aparente, em um ensaio de orquestra ele tenta harmonizar os diferentes sons que podem se tornar ruidos, se nao acontecer a harmonia!!!!!! 🙂

  4. oi Tereze

    Esta é uma comparação boa. Há uma colaboração do condutor e os membros da orquestra. Sem uma boa cooperação não há bela música. 😉

  5. […] Looking through the massive introphil forums I came across an interesting contribution by a young lady from a so-called underdeveloped country – I can’t find it now of course! Looking at her profile, she was registered for around 16 different xMOOCs running this year. Now maybe she’s a budding genius with the time to participate and distinguish herself in so many academic areas. Or maybe she has a real but casual interest in a multitude of topics and intends to participate in as many MOOCs as she can whenever she has the time. Or maybe she’ll just login to download everything and study it at a later date and if she happens to be a teacher, pass it on to others. Maybe she even intends to print it up and sell it at cost – or even at a profit! Does it really matter much what she does?  Of course the more that goes into a MOOC by way of sharing and connecting with other participants the better the learning experience but many are not fortunate enough to fully participate. Let’s just be grateful that MOOCs are here to stay with a stupid name that might actually help to draw a sharp distinction between them and traditional courses, on or offline. Let’s accept that, on the whole, MOOCs are or should be FOR the ‘lurker’, the ‘toe-dipper’, the ‘dropout’ and not necessarily be considered deficient just because they don’t live up to the learning objectives of traditional courses. Learners of the world unite – Occupy the MOOCs! […]

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