Where are the facilitators of change11?

Somehow I missed something? For some weeks now change11 is closed or some parts are vanished. Students are enjoying freedom but some get a little nervous. What is going on?
Interesting is how some blogs and discussions just go on. Suifaijohnmak Cathyanderson
One Change a Day

Gráinne Conole did post something on a blog, how is this connected to change11?


12 thoughts on “Where are the facilitators of change11?

  1. Thanks for this post. Indeed this is a shared concern. I’ve been tweeting to others about this happening. I’m hoping it’s just a hiatus. We’ve keeping on, keeping on with One Change a Day, and i’m following up with some interesting posts. DId try to connect with Grainne’s stuff but got lost. Did Check in with Alexandro and a great video clip but his work with youth.

    Not sure where Change11 is headed from here just hoping our facilitators are regrouping for another great leap forward. It has been a rather long journey…

    Maybe there is something the participants can do to assist, I’ll send an email to check in with Stephen.

  2. The MOOC-game is going on, but the facilitators and presenters are part of the game and they seem to leave the game. But it seems to be some minor problems all in the same time being the cause of this all. We go on with the game and expect the facilitators to join again.

  3. What a relief to learn it is not just me losing track because of getting behind. Perhaps conference commitments were not been give sufficient consideration in planning Change 11.

    Or we can look at it as a MOOC lesson in autonomy, necessity (that mother not just of invention but perhaps autonomous learning as well).

    I see a Change 11 Daily in my mailbox, so, Jaap, your post showing up in gRSShoppr probably had an effect. The title, as surely intended, was quite clear.

    Or just Occupy the MOOC. Occupying something is the new black. Autonomous too.

  4. I also find it really hard to keep up with the #Change11 program Jaap, mainly because of the pressures of day-to-day work commitments, and the time difference for Australia makes it really hard to attend the live sessions. However, I find catching up on the areas of interest later, through the archives, really useful, and you can participate vicariously. Having such a great lineup means that quality resources are there for our students as well!

  5. Hi Jan, time differences are difficult even in this technological era. Blogging is a way to avoid these time problems, because when you are sleeping I could answer your comment.
    Is sharing opinions more difficult when catching up later, while the other participants are busy with other subjects?

  6. Not alone Jaap! I was a bit ‘lost’ too but used the time to catch up on The Daily and write a blog post. Keep well and ‘see’ you around the last few weeks of the course. 🙂

  7. Or in another sense, corollary to “Learning is also outside the MOOC,” there is no inside / outside. We carry it with us. I keep thinking there is bound to be a Master to Grasshopper Kung Fu saying I could apply here but can’t think of it off hand.

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