Sensemaking and analytics #change11

Diagram from George Siemens Change MOOC: Sensemaking and Analytics as used in his 24 april 2012 session in #Change11.

My interpretation of George Siemens question is if sensemaking must be included in this diagram, in the process of analyzing and using results of analytics.

Is it possible to collect data without sensemaking?

As it is impossible to collect all data, we do collect  relevant data or available data. Here is an element of sensemaking, viz choice. We collect the data of which we assume  they do belong to our inquiry. Data collecting is not a senseless process. Our understanding (sensemaking) of the world influences our data collection.

The same human condition of introducing choice and sense applies to storage and cleaning and integration. So the analyzing of the

Narration and interpretation

Analytics without narration or interpretation is senseless.

“Narrative inquiry rests on the epistemological assumption that we as human beings make sense of random experience by the imposition of story structures.”  [Bell, J.S. (2002). Narrative Inquiry: More Than Just Telling Stories. TESOL Quarterly, 36(2), 207–213.]

Data mining without a theory or some assumptions or a question about the meaning and sense of the data is not science.

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