My Identity, #change11 and you

What is so important on identity?
My identity is a network, connections. Part of my identity are connections with you. What I think and write and say is connected to you. The meaning of the words and images I use is connected to your way of understanding. What is my identity, the things you think about me or the things I think about me? Why do some people think this digital and that analog identity so important?

“The poet is a sailing ship,
words are in the wind
his sail is collecting words from the air.
He does not know
the meaning and sense of his words.”

as a critic wrote to indicate words have a meaning different from the meaning you wanted to communicate.

Connections do change, so identity is changing? We do think of our “self” as a stable core (or a hub) of our identity, do our Me or Self change. Is “Me” a set of emotions? or a bunch of connections? information? (Identity a part “of a self, composed of the meanings that persons attach to the multiple roles they typically play in highly differentiated contemporary societies.” The roles we adopt form a large part of our concept of self which give meaning to our place in different groups, Stryker S., & Burke, P. J. (2000). The Past, Present, and Future of an Identity Theory. Social Psychology Quarterly. 63(4). 284-297).
Does age or history or experience matter in having an identity?
Could we measure identity, quality or quantity?

How did #change11 change us?  Is it a what-did-we-learn-in-this-MOOC-question?


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