Backsoon #change11

As I will be making music I  have to listen  to the recorded session of this week. One of my real identities prevents one of my  virtual identities from being online. What about this duality real-virtual? Is virtual not real? My virtual identity is as real as my real identity.  Should we use the words pair  virtual and physical instead?


9 thoughts on “Backsoon #change11

  1. I like your thinking of pairing. I am hard put to make a discrete distinction, as well. Looking forward to your reflections after you have a chance to listen to the recording. Meanwhile, enjoy making music 🙂

  2. Pairing but not always as a dualistic either/or. Pairing can be hybrid, less paired than enhancement or mashup… or on and off identities paired with one dominant (but not necessarily in a negative sense). There seems to be a Parkinson;s Law of identities: categories expand to fill the time and space available. Time is limited but internet space so much less so, even on limited bandwidth.

    There is always that rather rude but oh so descriptive term “meat world” for “material.”

    Walter Mitty comes to mind too…

  3. Hey Jaap…thanks for the input. I should preface my comment with the admission that I’m anti-dualism and wary of the term virtual because I think it reinforces the idea of a dual virtual/real…so the differences of opinion I have with you are mostly based in those words. Basically, I think the virtual IS real…so real that using the words creates a false sense of two separable realities.

    Culturally, these practices by which we make our digital identities have become part of our embodied lives and of an enmeshed concept of ourselves. My writing online has led me to think of myself as a writer. My friends I’ve met online have become people who stay at my house. My online selves are part of my overall identity. So when I talk about digital identities I’m not talking about some separate self who lives online but about what the affordances of digital technologies ARE and what effects they have on the ways I can interact in my worlds.

    Some people call this concept of an enmeshed world of bit and atoms “augmented reality”: here’s a great piece from last night (not mine) talking a little more about that:

  4. Bonnie, Thanks for your comment. Most pairs are part of a continuum or a scale and not a dualistic way of describing the world.
    I do not mean virtual to be a opposition to real, but to physical, and material. Virtual meaning something like abstract non-touchable thing.

  5. Pairs can be useful temporary constructs as long no one mistakes them for ‘written in stone’ ~ fluid categories. There’s a reason they persist so in archetypes. (how are you with triads?) I’m with Bonnie on “online selves are part of my overall identity” and meshing.

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