Identity and #change11

What is the difference between identity, ID, self, ego, me, personality? Do these words connect to the same  ‘thing’?

Does identity change when you change role? A role or a social role (also spelt rôle) as a set of connected behaviors, rights and obligations as conceptualized by actors in a social situation.

Identity is an item in psycho-therapy,  fear of loss of identity or fear of disapproval are strong forces in a human mind. Identity is dependence because the other people must recognize and acknowledge my identity.

Identity as a network. No identity without other people, and things. Part of your identity is made by the connections in your network. Your identity is your parents, your friends, your place of birth your university, your colleagues. And the phone you use, the car, the house, your dog, your clothes.

Identity is difference, how to be different in this world with so many people? Leaving marks on the network, connecting in a personal style. The rhizome of your connections is part of your identity. Identity as a way of living, a style of life, a typical way of expressing. Branding is a special way of being different. Are social status and identity  connected?  Identity is a  process of a growing rhizome, in a complex rhizome you could find your singular identity. The more complex the more  a  different identity.

Leaving marks is part of the making of an identity. (footprint, fingerprint, printed papers)  These marks are printed on a substrate. In what way is the substrate part of your identity? What blogs are you commenting, what does your Facebook look like? Reading footprints is subjective,  as Pooh and Piglet show when they are walking in the snow. So who am I? You could  read a part of my  online identity on the marks I left on the internet.

In what way does a text help to make an identity? In what way is your work/text hiding your identity?

Your identity is part of your personality. Is Identity a rhizome of different selfs?  Languge selfs, branded,  cultural selfs? Identity is it your public self?  Is my private secret unconscious self part of my identity?  Culturally, these practices by which we make our digital identities have become part of our embodied lives and of an enmeshed concept of ourselves.

Your identity is like a road or a direction you did choose. Now when you do go that direction you will have to act according to your identity. Identity causes expectations. Is it possible to compose your identity as a work of art, or do other people compose their version of your identity and with that your identity is a social construct?  

6 thoughts on “Identity and #change11

  1. somewhat but not entirely random associations ~ drama, persona as role, wearing a mask or surface through which actors communicate (shaped from a woven web, hardened into a rigid surface); from a paper on Classic Greek dramatic masks, “prosopon—the mask or face—as a basis for thinking about personal identity in a communal context” ~ does the mask hide, reveal (apologies for the duality), both? Interplay of individual sense of self (however acquired or displayed), social recognition and response / interactions (connections)

  2. Identity is a broad and interesting subject for teachers. (and anybody else) Making music, playing a role, does hide parts of the identity of the musician, player and shows other parts, is part of a cultural and intra-personal shared identity. This is a triad?;)

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