Afterthoughts #change11

We bid each other farewell beside the hill,
As day meets dusk, I close the wooden gate.
Next year, in spring, there will be green grass again,
But will my honoured friend return?

( poem of Wang Wei )


Jupidu asked these questions on her blog.
What did the Change MOOC change in your (professional) life?
How did you survive in these 35 weeks?
What were your personal highlights of the MOOC?
What do you plan for the future concerning MOOCs?
And – how long will we use the change11-tags to remain connected??

10 thoughts on “Afterthoughts #change11

  1. Interesting, Jaap, your posting of a Chinese poem reminds me the farewell could be translated in any language, and that would resonate at any time, any corner of the world. I also felt that in my first CCK08, though may be feeling totally differently by now. Enjoyed reading your reflective posts, all enriched with wonderful questions.
    Farewell to you, but this may just be the beginning of another journey. Will write my farewell post soon.

  2. Kelly, my pleasure.
    Follow you on Twitter now.
    Now I am thinking of the subject “sharing educational materials”.
    In this MOOC we did share, how about massive sharing educational materials by all teachers.
    Do schools have a property right on educational materials that is made by teachers? And is that right?
    Lots of interesting questions there.
    regards Jaap

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