A big #change11 is sharing educational materials.

A big #change11 is sharing educational materials. Note to self, this could be a long and interesting study:

Now I am thinking of the subject “sharing educational materials”.
In this MOOC we did share, how about massive sharing educational materials by all teachers.

  • Do schools have a property right on educational materials that is made by teachers? (law)
  • And if so is that right? (ethics)
  • Who pays the bill?  (economics)
  • Why do teachers not share? (psychology and sociology, law)
  •  My country wants to be a knowledge economy, how does sharing knowledge fit into a knowledge economy?
  • and more questions to come.

The #change11 tag did insert itself.  Kind of habituation of my computer.


4 thoughts on “A big #change11 is sharing educational materials.

  1. My head is still spinning from the whirlwind of thirty-five weeks in #change11, but I’m now trying to look back and formulate some learning outcomes. I believe the teacher community could become experts in sharing knowledge and yes this will create a culture that would “fit into a knowledge economy”.

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