Open and sharing public funded resources #oped12 #opedk12

” From my perspective resources developed with public funds should be accessible by the public. Journals publishing research funded by the government should be open. Content/curriculum created by public institutions should be made public. Additionally, education has been listed as one of the primary determinants of life expectancy, reduction of poverty, ” (George Siemens)

Wikiwijs is the OER-projec in the Netherlands used by all levels of education.
Teachers in the Netherlands use open educaional materials 65% in universities and 47% in primairy schools (4-12) (Onderzoek Wikiwijs 2012)  OER in the Netherlands is a national project.

The key question is how can you set things up so there is both an ego reward and a formal reward for learning output to be shared?” (Kraan / Mason 2005) cit. in Olcos Roadmap [pdf]

In some countries (like USA and UK) public education is almost the same as mediocre and not-for-my-child education. The better education in those countries is very expensive.  In my view that causes an evil split in society.

Public funded educational materials should be open, why should non-public or commercial educational institutions deliver their materials to the open?



3 thoughts on “Open and sharing public funded resources #oped12 #opedk12

  1. Hi Jaap, The reason for “public” education being so poor compared to higher level institutions for the privileged here in North America? These institutions sustain class barriers that we here aren’t allowed to talk about. Schools for the rich restrict attendance to preexisting members of the “right group” and those useful to them. On the principal of “those that have get” this may not even be based on deliberate policy.

    Yes it’s a crime for this to exist but the payoff over here is to create a limited breeding pool that qualifies by connection instead utility. Soon the “leader class” will be as useless as European royalty became. Alternately, do we really need More silly rich people around?

  2. Hi Scott, nice comment. Did you know we here in Europe had to make revolutions to chase the royalty away? 😉
    I assume the US government, the leader class, is peopled by non-public schooled persons?
    Thanks Jaap

  3. Hi Jaap, It’s interesting that the main sources of opposition to openness are not the people creating content like musicians, textbook authors and graphic artists but their publishers and agents. So the people who claim to add value to raw creation by organizing and presenting it hold the key to production, distribution and valuation and don’t want to let go. These people are almost like wizards turning ideas to gold.

    Makes sense they wouldn’t want everyone to have open access to the raw intellectual materials that turn to wealth. The problem for them in an open system is how to control ideas wandering free like unfenced cattle? What happens if ideas self combine without a wizard to market them? Can they manifest into something real without the “value added” process of putting a price sticker on them?

    Having grown up during the time of the Vietnam war I know the people who thought up the war weren’t required to attend. They and their children received “student deferments” which indicates not all education goes unsupported and even bad ideas can generate gold for some.

    But this is all philosophical speculation. The leader class doesn’t necessarily “go” to any school. They exist more in a bubble or like a weakly interacting massive particle, barely interacting with the rest of us.

    Noticed last night that my bottle of Worcestershire Sauce was blessed by being made “by appointment to the Queen”. Maybe if our leaders were busy blessing toilet cleaners and ketchup they’d leave the rest of us alone?

    Seriously, I do wonder how the world would look if everything was opened up? Would it reorganize back into where we are now?

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