Openness is an ideal

Samuel van Hoogstraten - Vrouw bij een half open deur” It is built on the belief that everyone should have the freedom to use, customize, improve and redistribute educational resources without constraint. ” Capetown declaration. In the Capetown declaration is no mention of the reasons why everyone should have this freedom.
Unesco has a statement of some reasons to provide OER: “UNESCO believes that universal access to high quality education is key to the building of peace, sustainable social and economic development, and intercultural dialogue. Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a strategic opportunity to improve the quality of education as well as facilitate policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building.” Unesco.

In my view Open Education and OER are necessary to help to build a better world. In a democratic system every person has a right to take part in the political process. But if education is not available to everyone this democratic rights are a joke.
Open education is a means to give every person equal opportunities. Knowledge should not only be available to rich people.


(Image: “Samuel van Hoogstraten – Vrouw bij een half open deur”)


One thought on “Openness is an ideal

  1. Hi Jaap, inspiring post. Of course democracy should benefit the individual of any class…Have you ever thought about how OERs could benefit democratic structure? With OERs and a badge-like measurement system, representation and decision making as a society could become much more informed…much more representational. The great thing about OERs and Democracy, I think, is that it works as a two-way street.

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