Start van de Mechanical Mooc

Deelnemers van deze Mechanical Mooc hebben kennismakingsmailtjes gestuurd naar elkaar. Met een korte beschrijving en een motivatie voor de cursus.Ik ben aan de slag gegaan met Codeacademy en heb een aantal badges verdiend.

Participants of this Mechanical Mooc  did sent emails to each other. With a brief description of their background and motivation for the course. I started working with Codeacademy and earned some badges.

Ik vind codeacademy  niet prettig omdat het apparaat alleen standaard antwoorden en foutmeldingen geeft. En ik mis de goede uitwerkingen van de  opgaven. Omdat de feedback automatisch en onduidelijk is heb ik behoefte aan goede voorbeelden en uitwerkingen.

I do not like code academy because the device only gives standard replies and standard feedback. And I miss the view of the right   answers  to the questions. The feedback is automatically and unclear, so I need good examples and elaborations. 


3 thoughts on “Start van de Mechanical Mooc

  1. Hi Jaap, our department builds a lot of simple quizzes as instructional aids and we try to add “feedback” and tips to direct the student to the best or “correct”) answer in a group of, say, four possibilities. In some cases the students don’t care for this added content, only wanting the answer without further explanation. To me this seems like context or the sense-making is outside their model of education. Either something is right or it is wrong for the purpose of earning the “pass” mark.

    If badges are awarded by this method I’m not sure if they are meaningful. Learning here is more like rats picking a response that gets them a treat. Low level learning learning in a very simple environment. Haven’t come to understand this but I wonder if there are cues that could be added to per-assembled feedback that the answer is sourced from a deeper sense of knowing? Do you think the feedback is unhelpful because it doesn’t include how or why but only the reward of correctness?

    This is an interesting question! Thanks for it.

  2. Hi Scott, in my opinion learning to code software, or any other job, as driving a car, is not easily done with e-learning or a MOOC. These activities are complicated and complex, so giving feedback on a performance is not easy.
    Maybe this is a borderline between possibility and impossibility of distance education
    The badges are meaningless, I do not even know why I did earn badges. These badges just were there.

  3. Hi Jaap, wonder if this type of training could be with some sort of simulator? Our college installed a batch of heavy equipment operation simulators in a portable trailer and it’s interesting how the students interact with each other across the trailer space as they sit at their own booths. Doing and talking seem to be necessary at the same time. Wonder if coding is not physical enough to talk through but also not mental enough to think through? There are things that distance may be able to do only they are made so difficult, frustrating or time consuming as to be not a wise investment in effort.

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