Why quit this mechanical mooc

coverSome reasons to quit this mechanical mooc:
No interaction, a question on .Open study just remained not answered.
A big project coming from a customer needs my attention.
I can do the course just alone, without communication and without help of others.
On the internet are other even better sources to learn to program in Python and to learn how to be a better programmer. The course does not add anything valuable to me.
I have this e-book on programming and it suits me better.

The Python folks are very helpful, lots of forums FAQs and helpful comments. To learn Python I do not need the M-MOOC.

The lessons on video are not my taste. I do not like to view videoed lessons.

Codeacademy is confusing, because feedback is not alway appropriate. Some code is depriciated by codeacademy that works quite well in Python.

This Mech. Mooc on skills is very different from the Moocs I did in the past.






2 thoughts on “Why quit this mechanical mooc

  1. Hi Jaap, one of the reasons I’m willing to try new things is to accept a challenge to myself to have new outlooks rather than be content with what I “know.” The report on on the best way to study attracted me because it went against my assumption that topic mapping was the best. I addition, the whole idea of “learning” for the goal of passing tests seems wrong to me. Nevertheless, a great deal of my job involves transferring test materials into online courses and being against something isn’t useful to our students or my own self. Rather than waiting for the world to align itself to my suppositions, it seems wiser to at least consider best practices as a means of improving what I’ll be doing (if for no other reason than my work reaches others and it would be careless to imagine my work in isolation).

    Exploring other ideas is not without limit though and I suspect your willingness to learn new things has to be supported by a sense value that the Mechanical Mooc didn’t offer? I wonder if learning by itself without others to share with is part of our fondness for MOOCs? The value is in our being social in all things and not simply when we feel like it? A course offered and taken in isolation seems empty of something important. Like caring eor the audience?

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