cMOOC and xMOOC #etmooc

Philosophy and Inspiration photo by liquidindian)
Philosophy and Inspiration photo by liquidindian)

Gordon Lockhart started a liberation campaign. He wants xMMOCs to grow into student centered and interactive and connected learning opportunities. I like this campaign. He does not lament and cry on the differences between new xMMOCs and the ‘real’ connectivist MOOC but he wants to improve both forms.

Gordon Lockhart is een campagne begonnen om de xMOOC te bevrijden. Hij wil dat xMOOCs veranderen in studentgecentreerde en interactieve en connectivistische mogelijkheden om te leren. Ik heb waardering voor zijn poging. Hij wil niet zeuren over de verschillen tussen de verschillende soorten MOOC maar hij gaat aan de slag om ze te verbeteren.

3 thoughts on “cMOOC and xMOOC #etmooc

  1. Thanks Jaap – you have it exactly! I suspect that both current forms are transitory and I’m hoping that learners themselves can play an important part in their further evolution.

  2. Learners! »» OccupyMOOC! #oMOOC…Now, what about the paranoid who see all this as a dire threat. I just twitter-followed a higher ed conference (for another digital identity) that was saturated with the attitude…the only good MOOC is a dead MOOC

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