Like the blogpost of Whitney Kilgore about connectivism and constructivism. Maybe her emphasis on connections is an answer to SuiFaJohnMak. “Study blogging in decline as social media takes over”. Blogging should be connecting and sharing. Do all bloggers share and comment? Or do bloggers stop blogging because nobody does ever comment on their blog?

Sheri Edwards did deliver a Storify publication about #etmooc. I my view storify is just a collection of links, without much of a story. I did a try on making a storify thing, but I did not save it, because did not think it good enough.

Tech Ed-dy But then I started looking at a few Tweets. I recognised quite a few of the names as people I had learned from in the past. That is what connections do.

I do read #introphil on Twitter, but until now it only shows preformatted texts about joining. Not much connections visible until now. Bonnie Stewart did join the #intorphil and she is surprised about it network-focused-ness.

picture: drawing for a landart project near Vasse (NL) of Paul de Kort, Mander Cirkels.

6 thoughts on “#etmooc-ing

  1. Jaap, just to clarify…i joined #etcmooc with Coursera….it was Vanessa who noted the #introphil parallel, i think.

  2. Is there an #etcmooc too? I thought it was #edcmooc. Still, “mooc, etc” might be a useful designation. There I was trying to pick a few unfamiliar blogs to check out, so your post will help there.

    Storify, like most curation toys, can be boring. Using effectively takes thoughtful selection and arrangement, comments too. Any narrative takes shaping. The tool can’t do that. I’ve been playing with it some and like to mix links, tweets, image, an occasional video ~ interspersed with commentary or at least transition statements… not too much of any one element. You might not loathe this one too much, http://storify.com/VanessaVaile/mooc-my-day

    Meandering, your image caught my eye: there is a land art site near Mountainair, http://www.landartsite.org. Now I’ll be thinking about moocs and land art

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