Copyright or wrong?

Short Twitter conversation about copyright. Copyright Laws are national and different, I do not know about British Copyright Law. In the Netherlands schools pay collectively for freedom to copy for educational purposes.
Copyright has been a right to use materials, now it is a duty to pay agents, not artists, for ideas and art.
Teachers should know more about the dark sides of copyright.
Teachers should know about Creative Commons, when they want to use technical apps for education.
Since the product of your labours is online, it also means that distributing it is easy too. Allowing the upload of audio which can either play across the whole presentation (which I mistakenly chose!) or recording directly over each slide means standalone presentations can be much more informative and richer. Ian Guest Even recording online video or work could be an infringement of copyright!
Put a sign on your blog Like this:
creative commons
to show if people may use your work for free.


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