What are limits of openness in regards to privacy & vulnerability? #etmooc


Are we creating or worsening a digital divide? What are limits of openness in regards to privacy & vulnerability?
These are three questions.
On Privacy:  ” On YouTube there are 95 uploaded videos with tags ETMOOC in response to the allocation of the first week, despite not having viewed all I have noticed that there seems to be no hesitation in showing aspects of self that I consider close friends. It’s just a matter of chronological age? ” (translation from Italian) Serenaturri Privacy is choice and depends on culture and psychology of people.

On Vulnerability: Your birthday, name of spouse, name of pet, first friend, name of teacher etc. are used to check your identity on internet.

Creating a digital divide: Do we?
Any learning is making a difference. When I learn to play a clarinet, and you are not, a difference exists. Is that a problem?
Today I will think about that rather mythical expression “digital divide”. Is it a problem? Is it comparable to the divide in literate and illiterate?

Picture from http://www.cmo.nl/euforum/index.php/geschiedenis/basisopdrachten/grote-sprong-oostwaarts/bron-ijzeren-gordijn


2 thoughts on “What are limits of openness in regards to privacy & vulnerability? #etmooc

  1. Hi Jaap, I wonder if we have been conditioned to see “difference” as an imbalance that our mind interprets as something to be processed as fairness/unfairness? Not entirely clear on this but sometime when I express an idea that someone takes in and comments on I feel possessive and want my idea back before it’s played with too much and “broken”. Or shared without my permission.

    If I look at difference from my understanding of evolutionary process, difference could give advantage and may be perceived as something to guard. In this case too much openness could cause someone to share too much and weaken their autonomy. In a discussion this could cause someone to hold back and not contribute to the fullest.

    To me, the term “division” has another meaning more active than difference. Difference could happen without intent.

    Interested in what you are thinking with ‘digital divide’.

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