#etmooc and digital divide

beggarIn my opinion study in #etmooc does not widen the digital divide.
“… Many people argue that the digital divide unfairly equips wealthy citizen and their children with more information and opportunities than those with lower incomes. In addition, there is a big debate around the world whether technology has benefited society and how it will affect society in the future. It can be issued from opposite perspective. Has technology harmed society? Has technology improved society? Has technology created a digital divide? Has technology not created a digital divide? …”  (source: Eric [pdf]).

It is the word <unfairly> in the definition, that does make me protest.

This divide is the distance between the ones in front and the ones in the back of technological innovation. It is caused by the gender divide, low income, lack of education, living in the wrong country, but it is not caused by technology. And it is definitively not caused by my learning in a MOOC.

I think we need to continue to push the boundary of the digital divide out there until it breaks and we have provided those students, how need it the most, with the technology that supports their learning and access to the worlds knowledge. (Cathy Anderson)

I do agree with Cathy we should go on mood-ing and teaching, but the digital divide is an economically caused divide. If you are poor or oppressed than your life is miserable, we should blame economical and political powers for the divide, but not blame technology or  learning.


image: http://knockmyworld.blogspot.nl/2009/03/old-beggar-woman.html



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