Digital storytelling 1 #etmooc

ZonnebloemBen Rimes does some examples of digital storytelling. This is digital storytelling; capturing a singular moment of video and looping it in an act of “scholarly scrutiny“.

Ben Rimes geeft voorbeelden van digital verhaal. “dit is een voorbeeld van DS: een scène opnemen op video en de scene dan steeds weer afdraaien.

Wikipedia has an article on digital storytelling . Digital stories are multimedia movies that combine photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text, and often a narrative voice.

In Wikipedia staat een artikel over digitaal verhaal (Engels) Het zijn films die gebruik maken van foto, video, teksten, muziek, geluid en voice over. 

You could start like you want to make a movie, with a storyboard.  Quick analogous storyboard: large sheet of paper (newspaper format) and fold it 4 times. Now unfold the paper. You see 16 cells. In each cell make a scene of the story.

After that make or look for movies, photo,video, sound, music, text, voice.

Put it together in a movie. You could use iMovie or another piece of software to glue it all together.

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