UVAMOOC Mooc Introduction to Communication Science

556512_325871870863446_1211581253_nUniversity of Amsterdam (Netherlands) is about to start a MOOC on Introduction to Communication Science.
UvA MOOC environment: http://mooc.uva.nl
They arranged a twitter account https://twitter.com/UvAMOOC but  no hash tag yet in the e-mail they send me after enrollment.
They prepared a  Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/uvamooc. Here you could find a hashtag #uvamooc hidden in a  message.

It will be an 8 weeks course, a bit short for a MOOC. Students need to get used to a MOOC and to MOOC-ing and that needs some time.
5 lecture weeks, one week Question and Answer (Q&A) and one Examination week. (What would that be? Every participant a ticket to Amsterdam for an examination?)
Each lecture week consists of 8 movies, that is a lot of movies for a MOOC.  I have a feeling it will be a movie centered course and it will not be a participant centered course, but we will see.
The course has homework and takes about 3 hours a week to study.
I expect the Communication MOOC to be very communicative, with lots of blogs, and other publications of  participants. Homework for students should be to publish and to communicate.




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