Human or machine, what must we teach? #etmooc

ploegenFarmers used to sit on their tractors and plough for days. Now tractors do plough on their own, because some farmers invented an automated system. My neighbor is a farmer and he does milk 200 cows on his own. He has a computerized milking and feeding system.
Lots of jobs can be done better by machines and cheaper than by humans.(thanks Vanessa)
What should our children learn and what shall we teach them? Imagine a world of automated machines for almost every task, what should humans do in that world?
Maybe we do need humans to make these machines, to invent the machines and to replace them or repair?
We would need people to care for other people. But some surgery is done best by machines.
Kind of science fiction coming true?
Or as Dave Cormier writes “I want us to be passing on the ability to choose. The will to understand. The work ethic required to engage at something for long enough to understand it. The sense of responsibility to believe that you should do that for yourself. I don’t care about the content or the rules associated with it… those we can find.”?

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