Motivation, will power

wortelenzweepTeachers can make a student want to learn. Teachers should try to connect their teaching to the reasons for learning of their students.

Reasons for people wanting to learn:

  • Learning is fun to me
  • I am curious
  • I expect the consequences of Not learning to be harmful, or unpleasant
  • I will get acceptance of peers, teacher parents if I learn
  • I am good at learning, it makes me feel good, increases my self-esteem (I am addicted to learning)
  • I want a good career and learning this will help
  • I would like to be able to learn certain skills for everyday use

You could replace <learn> with other words like <work>, <do healthy things> and adapt the other words. (I want a good looking body and doing healthy things will help)
It is important to discuss the process of motivation with the student. When students know the process they can use this to motivate each other and themselves.

Teacher should help by

  • being enthousiastic
  • showing curiosity
  • make use of kreativity of students
  • make sure students are active
  • make tasks more relevant to students
  • change activities
  • use surprises
  • make use of fellow students.

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