Cultural Intelligence, CQ

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree Dutch teachers and two Flemings are talking during the break of a conference. After a few minutes, the Dutch are engaged in an intense conversation and the Flemings are just watching.
What went wrong? The Dutch tried   (in the Dutch way) to involve the Flemings into the conversation But  they were not aware of cultural differences.

    A person with Cultural Intelligence has some intercultural competencies:

  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Dealing with uncertainty and tension
  • Attentive communication, empathy
  • knowledge about differences and similarities in cultures
  • information about values and legal systems, norms for interaction
  • interest in other cultures
  • confidence in diverse settings
  • awareness about  one’s cultural knowledge
  • capability to adapt behavior,
  • a repertoire of behavioral responses to situations



image: In Dutch a person with low CQ is called a peasant on wooden shoes. (Een boer op klompen)


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