Cultural Awareness and Differences in MOOCs

Hi John,
In the end your ask an interesting question: How about the design and development of a MOOC on Multicultural Awareness and Intelligence? Who are the experts in this area? Who would be interested in such a MOOC?

I did read your page because I was in a web search for “MOOC cultural intelligence” and your blogpost was mentioned in the results.
Could students from abroad be experts of a kind in the field of cultural differces and CQ?
Lots of people do have stories about meeting people from other cultures. This Mooc could help to build cultural awareness. Maybe an item could be how to train people to become more aware of cultural differences and how to cope with these differences.
Nancy White comes in mind with the social artist
Just look in for books on cultural differences and cultural intelligence and see there is a public for CQ (cultural IQ)
In most countries cultural differences between groups in the country do exist, and sometimes cause problems, so even people who never went abroad could be experts on cultural differences and awareness.
Do you know people who could organize a cMOOC out of this cultural intelligence?

I will post this answer on my connectiv blog too. Maybe something will grow out of this question of yours.
In is a short bibliography

Regards Jaap


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