Did you ever learn something from a book?

teachersmileWithout prejudice to the work of teachers, the question in the title comes down to the question of whether one always needs a teacher to learn from. In http://www.hybridpedagogy.com/Journal/files/Pedagogies_of_Scale.html Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel qustion the importance of the teacher. They call learning the product of learning relationships. But that is not necessarily a connection to a teacher.
Martin Koops points in http://ictnieuws.nl/index.php?ID=3453 the computer cannot replace the teacher. He cites the article on the book of the Besturenraad ‘The computer does not replace the teacher.’

I do learn things from books, and also of texts that I read with help of the computer. These books and texts are not given to me by a teacher. Or should we name all people you learn of a teacher?

I do not want to down the work of teachers. A teacher can be a blessing to a student. But apparently others can too.
In MOOCs the other students were my teachers as well as the organizers and the ‘real’ teachers.
The difference between Teachers and others is that the teachers have made it their profession to assist others and to influence in learning and others do not. There are many more professionals who want to teach.

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3 thoughts on “Did you ever learn something from a book?

  1. Thanks Jaap, like the link to Pedagogies of scale. Just read a commentary on teaching that noted teachers are most commonly assigned material to cover and given quizzes and exams to administer to “their” students in order to confirm that they have caused learning to occur to a specified measure. In this case it seems teaching is actually a closed relationship between administrators and instructors that uses students as a measuring device / data recorder. Not quite clear why we need to engage so many students except for statistical purposes. Perhaps we could replace human students with chickens, feed them various curriculum formulations and then count eggs produced?

  2. Not sure why it has taken me so long to understand this but it just occurred to me that teachers I encountered in school were not free agents to teach me as they might wish. Yes, some seemed to enjoy the role of tyrant though I’m sure most were unhappily tied to counting eggs.

    And yes, I’ve learned a lot from reading books. In part because my hearing is poor and in part because many people seem to me to be full of crap and well-spoken at the same time. A book may also be full of crap but it has never been my boss.

    Have you seen this? http://hastac.org/blogs/hilary-culbertson/2013/06/14/interesting-discussion-la-review-books-moocs

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