New make (non-digital)

kabouterMake a statue for a hero.

(I will put this make in the make-bank. Maybe I will ad some text to the make to make it clear and more fun)
Choose a hero
Make a statue (plaquette) a 3D image of your hero.
On or next to the statue will be a poem or a song to tell the public why this is your hero.
If you do not know how to connect statue and text: Look on the internet for statues with text.
The statue could be made of wood, clay, Lego, food, cake, sugar, chocolate, paper, and other stuff.

Choose the way you deliver publish your statue. (you could take it with you to show it to class and teacher)
Make a 3D statue and make a video or some photo’s of it, to publish on the internet, blog or twitterpic. Be sure we will see your pictures.
Tell us about the process of choosing your hero, of making choices of materials, forms, making the poem.


3 thoughts on “New make (non-digital)

  1. all my makes will be digital…unless I need to repair something with duct tape. I like the hero’s statue idea ~ and it would go digital nicely.

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