Make Cycle 2 Questions #clmooc

What does it mean to be a maker? Why make? Why now?
Making is the core activity of my life. And it is part of my job to make lessons, to collect new ideas for teachers, and to make teachers make lessons.

What happens when makers converge around shared interests and purposes? What opportunities might we seize? What barriers do we face?
Makers do change ideas and inspiration. One Make could be a source of new makes for other people. Change and adapt Makes to own needs and opportunities.

How do we find and build diverse and inspiring networks of people, resources, and places that support our making and learning?
These Make-people are everywhere, I did meet some of my inspiring friends in Moocs. And I try to keep in touch with them after the party of the mooc.
David Gauntlett wrote about Making is connecting. Here is a presentation on this subject (youtube)
And some links and I think he is connecting the value of cMOOCs to Making.


One thought on “Make Cycle 2 Questions #clmooc

  1. These are very tough questions. I am going to try to answer them today as I make my way through the day. Thanks for asking them. I would like to recommend a book to you that is inspiring me along the way: Making is Connecting by David Gauntlett. And yes, we need to continue to party down the road 😉

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