#clmooc A Trial Learning Walk

In make cycle 3 the trial learning walk of Mary Ann Reilly is mentioned as an opportunity. The trial learning walk is a rhizomatic way of learning, and nomadic. These words are from connected learning theory.

straatjeI will try a learning walk because it is kind of follow up to streetview. The difference between this streetview and learning walk might be the difference between fiction and non-fiction.
Mary Ann Reilly writes about her trial walk It’s still early to make much of the images or film, but I know that there’s an emerging sense of differences within the city and how geography of place gives way to neighborhoods.
I guess the walking is the start of a learning process, experience that must lead to thinking and asking questions and search for answers and evidence This looks like experimental learning.
Questions about trial learning walk:

Is the Trial Learning Walk a learning process to enhance learning and a creative way to find an interesting and personal subject to learn?
Students do learn what could not been predetermined. So I suppose testing or evaluation would be qualitative measuring and not the common quantitative measuring as in assignments with A’s and B’s or grades or marks.
Do you need a camera or could we use paper and pencil?

(my photo, a street in little Dutch village)

6 thoughts on “#clmooc A Trial Learning Walk

  1. I am traveling around the world with my map make which will posted very soon on the clmooc. Just wanted to let you know that I will be making a learning walk tomorrow early and reporting back on my blog. Thanks for all of your kindness and caring attitude throughout #clmooc.

  2. Any travel, all movement, even browsing could and should be this way. I’ve been using flânerie and myself as flâneuse as my model. Further on in your recent posts, your comparison of maintaining a web site and mapping really caught my attention.

  3. my perspective of flnerie is more aimless wandering (no set destination) and observing the spectacle rather than being one, although the Dandy persona (another aspect of the flneur) fits yours. Now that you mention it though, blogging to draw attention to a position or possibilities, might fall into that category despite being more purposeful than aimless. I do that in community and advocacy blogging, although I tend to think that lack of purpose or destination is what distinguishes flneur from the pilgrim and other travelers. Perhaps my answer should be that I do both.



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