Learning Walk

I did walk, with camera. (I often walk at lunchtime)
At first I did see a lot of things, people working, birds flying, but did not take pictures. I need some time to get started.
Than I took a picture of a butterfly hotel.

vlinder hotel
“Do butterflies use these hotels? ”
The first photo was the most difficult, because one has to make a decision to make a picture. You just have to start and look and ask questions and take pictures. Maybe you happen to know answers on my questions?

Than I did see again a birds feather. Took pictures of them.

“Why do all these feathers fall down? Why do birds loose them?

Came across a dump of old pipes and PVC, made a picture of that.

pvc pijpen
“What will they do with old PVC-pipes?”

Did some more pictures in this walk. But this is an example of my way of learning walking. I did slow down and did walk looking around and around. The learning walk makes me see more and think about what I see.

5 thoughts on “Learning Walk

  1. I love that idea of butterflies having a hotel. I don’t know the answers to the questions but you had me thinking in image and words.

  2. I love this line: ‘The first photo was the most difficult, because one has to make a decision to make a picture. ‘

    This translates to so many things — the first is the most difficult. In some cases, it refers to fear, in other cases it refers to overcoming a kind of inertia. Here it seems to refer to that first choice which inevitably will lead to a particular path, excluding other paths that start with other first steps. It is about decision, then isn’t it? Thanks Jaap.

  3. Elyse, thanks for this illuminating question. The first step in a walk is important for me. With the first step one sets the direction of the walk. So I like to start my walks by just wandering around and to look for the right and most promising direction.

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