Questions (from januari 2011)

eendjesSome questions about connectivism:

How is connectivism in education related to cocreation and co-design?
(what comes next is written in 2013 july 6)
In #clmooc Hacking is an important way of producing. Making by hacking, adapting and ‘ímproving’ could be the only way to make.
Hacking … a new term for upcycling?
That makes making and producing a human enterprise, because you need someone else’s idea, make to make your own make.
This draft is a hack of an older post. This post was made because the influence of participants in the clmooc. They made me think, and made me look into the map of this blog.

This blogpost has been laying as draft from januari 23 2011 until I came in this #clmooc to connect some ideas. Hacking is a connectivist word, just because hacking needs a network.

And if you want to know the importance of blogging in a MOOC, read what Terry Anderson  and Dave Wiley write about that subject.

One thought on “Questions (from januari 2011)

  1. Hadn’t heard of upcycling before (late to the party again) but it makes perfect sense in terms of hacking and remixing. Thanks for the new #clmooc thread.

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