Techniek als middel, technology is not outcome

The message on the tree is a translation of the message on the paper down under.
Found it in the woods.
It is a hack or maybe a fork
Hierboven staat de vertaling van de tekst hieronder.

Kids + Tech =


5 thoughts on “Techniek als middel, technology is not outcome

  1. Good conceptual piece. Just reading about how some chimpanzees teach their kids how to open nuts. By leaving an appropriately sized rock near some uncracked nuts they try at first to build an association between the two. If we leave computers near a list of things that can be easily made with computers are we not suggesting that the tool is most appropriate for those things in the “wrong answers” list above? Since humans can connect long chains of steps from a tool to its ultimate use it may not be necessary to leave things close together in we add guidance into the mix.

    Interesting book on tools for learning.

  2. sometimes though the imp of the perverse takes over…leave the hint too close to the tool and the mind may start thinking of what else to do with with the tool instead ~ like being told you really have to read such or such a book, see a certain movie, turns you away from it. Mostly though I was more interested in seeing how much I could read (not counting cognates) without checking the crib sheet.

  3. My first thought is, if that is what you think I must do, let’s see if I can do something else. And that often is very interesting to do, the adventure of going your own way.

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