Make a Map

Look for a map ( Washington Metro)
Copy with Snagit or printscreen and save.


Edit the map with Gimp: copy a part, delete it an past a new part in the same place, with name of metro station or part of line.



You could write down names of stations that would show on your map.


6 thoughts on “Make a Map

  1. Wonderful! The next question might be ‘what city are you?’ or ‘do you have to be city?’ Maybe ‘what kind of subway system layout?’ (grid, sunburst, circles, mixed)

  2. Someone wrote a story about a map that matches the territory in every aspect. Weird story is that.
    Will you need a map for the local busses, or do you like a map for boats? Tomorrow starts the geo MOOC
    It is fun to read your comments on the blog, thanks.

  3. Very nice map of the Washington Metro. The Montreal Metro in Quebec has such a cool map that people often pay to see it and skip the subway ride. They also have posters for obscure events that seemed to appear out of the darkness as you went by too fast to read it. they had summer students around the stations who would help you remember enough of the poster for them to find a small copy in a file bag each of them carried–you had to describe it and not just the words. It was like doing an underground exploration.
    A very famous map by Charles Joseph Minard illustrates Napoleon’s ill-fated march on Moscow:

  4. Metro systems are mysterious and adventurous attractions to tourists. When in Washington for some time I liked to watch new passengers trying to get around. Brave fathers trying their families through the masses on the platform, or young boys and girls grouping together because of anxiety and adventure.
    In this Moscow march were also Dutch soldiers, because the Netherlands was occupied territory and the French forced young men to become soldiers and march to Moscow. Most of them did not come back. I like the map, graphic because it is very clear.

    Google maps is kind of VooDoo map, because of those pins one can add to them. 😉

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