Potcert week 1

bieten500Week 1 of the The Program for Online Teaching Certificate Class, an open online class started.
Share: go to the Week 1 Discussion, and share a link there to your blog post.
Comment on someone else’s link in the Week 1 discussion. I did try to comment on
And commented on María Sol.
And Joy Meeker from California and Julie B from the Mid West.

My special topic for this course will be cultural differences because of this presentation on the topic I want to do.

It is a mistake to tell participants to close their blogs for comments and to tell them to comment in the community. (in syllabus week 2) Blogging needs comments. If one wants to read comments in the community one could ask to link in the community to blogposts.

Picture: Wieringermeer, sugar beets.


One thought on “Potcert week 1

  1. […] it was organized.   It was in a very closed platform and it was online colleges most of time. https://connectiv.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/potcert-week-1/    My  introduction was at  the introduction  page. A bit short introduction, that could be […]

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