Learning is connectivity #potcert

How to embed a youtube video in a blog.

Video by Bonny Steward and Dave Cormier,

Open and Connected. Presentation about Life in the Open, 21 Century Teaching & Learning.

Should we go on with this Open thing of today? Is technology becoming more important than communication?

Connectedness and openness are important. In Bloom you will not find openness and connectedness, because in Bloom you will not find anybody else than a non-person with cognitive skills.  In the taxonomy of Romiszowski you could find congnitive skills, but also psychomotor skills, reactive skills, and interactive skills.  (Book on Romiszowski: Romiszowski, A (1999) The Development of Physical Skills: Instruction in the Psychomotor Domain, Chapter 19, Instructional Design Theories and Models: A New Paradigm of Instructional Theory, Volume II, C. M. Reigeluth, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Dave Cormier ‘invented’ the word MOOC.


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