Student behavior again

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHybrid Pedagogy on this subject: Learner Experiences with MOOCs and Open Online Learning is an e-book in which student authors describe and reflect upon their open online learning experiences. Current conversations around educational innovations in general, and MOOCs in particular, lack student voices.

The list of connectivist student behavior with some more less abstract phrases to describe student behavior.

  • Relating to  needs communication, language and social skills, forming connections between specialized communities, knowledge of media, curiosity, connecting skills,
  • Create patterns, needs recognizing patterns, creativity, to form connections between sources of information, and thereby create useful information patterns.
  • Display patterns needs skills to visualize patterns, or describe patterns, needs skills in displaying,
  • maneuver around networks,  digital literacy, knowledge of networks
  • Forming connections, needs creativity and innovative thinking, social and thinking skills, being informed about possibilities; Connected Educators Are Learners
  • Extending cognitive ability, needs reflection on cognitive skills, openness to change,
  • Using tools to distribute knowledge, needs digital literacy, skills with tools,
  • Interactions, needs social skills, asking questions, cultural intelligence, openness,
  • Be aware of context, needs knowledge of context, avoiding narrow mindedness
  • share knowledge, communication skills exchange,  foreign language skills could help
  • Understand, needs thinking skills, knowledge,
  • Make sense, needs reflection and thinking skills, needs communication and collaboration
  • Make meaning, needs thinking skills and reflection, language, needs communication and a meaningful context
  • Make Coherence, thinking skills, filter the chaos,  needs coping with chaos while leaving chaos the chaos,
  • being current, needs trust, innovative thinking, creativity, ability to recognize and adjust to pattern shift,
  • celebrating diversity, needs  self-confidence,
  • search for a spectrum of points of view, needs asking questions, foreign language skills could help, awareness of cultural differences.
  • autonomy, needs self confidence and trust
  • interactivity, needs communication openness,  needs trust and self-confidence,  to be able to classify its own interaction with an environment, it must be able to change its structure…
  • improve capacity to know, needs practice
  • nurture connections, needs social skills, collaboration
  • maintain connections, needs social skills and language
  • be able to see connections, needs thinking skills, needs a theory of connections

In my view these skills and knowledge are teacher skills and student skills, as in connectivism the teacher role and student roles are distributed .

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