Critical factors

Palette 2.0.1My footprint of Potcert

  • Risk. No risk.
  • Liminal space. For me lots of space to grow and try out. This certificate would be nice, but its not disaster when I fail. Knowing that means freedom and lots of space.
  • Unpredictable outcomes. Some unpredictable  outcomes.
  • Ambiguity. I could bend items in the course into lessons that fit me.
  • Disruption. the course and messages from Lisa and participants are disrupting. They want me to give attention.
  • Self-correction. Learner and teacher look at my assignments and comment, no correction as such.
  • Multipath. Participants do publish and ask questions and make me learn. I could choose where to go.
  • Diversity. multi path gives a lot of diversity, jumping from one question or assignement to another, but within the limits of the course.
  • Experimential: not only my answers and new solutions, but participants share theirs too. Course wants me to try new tools and new ways. I do use new tools.
  • Adaptive: freedom to adapt parts of course. (video viewing is not very open to adaption, one could view or view not. scanning a video is not easy)
  • Co-evolution: I feel the course will grow with me. The assignments  are open and one could do them in ones own level. Interactions, the comments on thew blogs are ways of interaction, and some assignments too.
  • Trust: OK. Feel some low trust because of the certification and the scoring that goes with certification. But Lisa is very supportive.
  • Theory of mind: I do meet new people from new cultures. and that sharpens my ToM.
  • Agency: I can make my personal chosen way through the course within the limits of the course.
  • Cross-modal. online course, FB, email, websites, video voicethread etc. rich on modes.
  • Open affordances: lots of open possibilities to learn. Course sets some limits
  • Self organization. must organize my part. course is structured and that makes lesser need for self-organization
  • Autonomy: almost as much as when i did a personal study, (no class, no school, no teacher no course), but it is a certifies course.
  • Negotiated outcomes: within the limits of the course outcomes some freedom of interpretation is possible.
  • Identity: course is part of personal learning network and adds personal growth.
  • Solitude: It is up to me to look for solitude. online courses give room for this factor. POTcert seems to like me to connect and be busy.
  • Encounters: doing POTcert made me meet some  people. No discussions as in #Change11 or other moocs.
  • Networks. I did not paricipate in hangouts and synchronous events. (Due to time zones)
  • Hybrid modes of expression: it is possible to choose from a wide range of modes.
  • In/formal Most writing and communications are more informal than formal . —

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