Teaching machine III

mechmoocI do have a teaching machine. It is a program on CD for learning Bulgarian. Why did I use a machine to learn? It is cheap, it is available and it does the job. No Bulgarian teacher here. One hour with a real life teacher (if she was here) costs a much as my CD-rom with the whole course. The real life teacher would have been nice, maybe better, but that is not the point.
So when teachers are not available, a teaching machine is a solution.
These CD-roms with a course for learning a language really do the job.
When I was a student I was the only student in the course Methodology. I had a teacher of my own. Never did try to calculate the costs of those hours with my “private” teacher. I liked talking to my private teacher about the books I was reading. Would it be possible just to read the books and learn as much as I did these hours with the teacher? Could a discussion with some peers do the same?
Of course costs of education and utility should not be the most important elements in a narrative about education, but administrators and managers often do not agree on that.
The Mechanical Mooc is an experiment: “Well, with previous MOOCs, there’s still been a professor who offers the course. Our course has no instructor. Our theory is that online learning tools have become robust enough with a light amount of coordination, learners can move through them together and support each other’s learning without a central authority.” Look at https://github.com/p2pu/mechanical-mooc to see the mechanics of the Mechanical Mooc.


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