Cheating as Learning #rhizo14

In Dutch we use “de kunst afkijken” as description of a way of learning a skill. Like a little bear looking at its parent. The word “afkijken” means also a cheating method, looking at the answers of your neighbor in school.

First week is about Cheating as Learning

HEMA  a retail organisation did ‘research’ on cheating:  they collected more than 30.000 ways to cheat. You could ask your students to translate the site:-).

Danielle Paradis mentions cheating as a weapon

On the P2P site started a discussion on cheating: The word ‘cheat’ like most words has tons of emotional freight. I think in an academic context it has an air of confiscation attending to it. Many of my international students seem to have trouble with this concept for whatever reason when producing written work. They do not think they are stealing as far as I can tell. And I don’t think cheat code sites and their use are theft or viewed as theft by most users unless you consider that the codes allow the user to ‘steal’ the experience of leveling up without the work. I have run across that attitude among the hard core gamers. Cheat codes (like buying armor, weapons, characters) keep you from earning the experience. In that way I think it is very similar to academic cheating. [Tellio ]


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