Cheating and creativity, some opinions

This is a remix of some texts from bloggers on rhizmatic learning:

  1. This could be teaching with cheating: I like this view on cheating as a way to open up new grounds and conquering new territories. In this way cheating is a way to implement creative innovations? “I think it’s easy to find similarities between the MOOC phenomenon, as a part of Openness in Education, and The Oklahoma Land Rush in 1889:”
  2. Cheating as resistance to nasty feedback? Cheating as  a strategy for power and  defense? :  ” Peers and teachers could destroy creativity by nasty feedback.”  Could it be that for  most (?) people  creativity is disruptive or threatening and stepping over limits. This disruptive creativity will cause hostility.  like in this quote of ~Margaret Wheatley:  Of course it’s scary to give up what we know, but the abyss is where newness lies.
  3. this FB text about dark side of teaching, school as conservatorium and anti-creativity:
  4. This is the dark side of teachting, another form of cheating: So this teaching to me is a type of cheating – ” cheating the children  in not telling them of the multiple truths and making them believe there is only one truth.”
  5. Cheating and/or Learning? by Kathleen from Ottawa in I. Looking at what someone else has done in order to guide your own work.
    II. Getting answers from someone else who has the knowledge.
    III. Using an efficient yet unconventional way to get something done.
    IV. Identifying shortcuts that can be taken to get something done.
    V. Expanding on the work of others.
    VI. Assembling disparate pieces – created by others – to devise something new.
  6. But I am starting to envision rhizomatic thinking in terms of my own views around remix culture and collaborative learning, and how the threads — though disparate and global — can begin to come together to make meaning out of the parts. Is remix and hacking kind of cheating?
  7. I don’t think rhizomatic learning has anything to do with cheating.
  8. Two different categories of cheating here?: I think there is a need to parse out the idea of cheating to separate clever solutions to problems that others perceive as a shortcut versus someone taking a short cut because they are afraid to try or don’t want to try. What do others think?

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