what about diplomas certificates and cheating?


Is Cheating an intellectual or an economic concept?

Some students want to learn, some other students want a diploma.

Because government and industry focus on diplomas and do not look into learning. That is why government and industry want a very secure and safe system of testing. Diplomas are the key (or passport) to success and economic welfare. Diplomas are a key to prosperity and an escape from poverty.

Schools are not only institutes for teaching and learning, schools are also institutes that sell diplomas. Diplomas are very expensive, students must invest a lot of time and money in buying a diploma at university.

Cheating as teachers look upon it is bad, it is not the proper behavior for someone who is learning.

But cheating as a smart way to buy you and your family a passport for prosperity, that is another story.

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3 thoughts on “what about diplomas certificates and cheating?

  1. Interesting question: Is Cheating an intellectual or an economic concept?
    Interesting also, yet again, that I was thinking of something very similar (about the idea of people cheating to get the diploma) and was about to blog about it – then came across your post first!!!

  2. In reading Deleuze one thougnt struck me. To make a list with categories is not a rhizomatic way of learning. In a cheating student intent and accident, economic and other causes could be present at the same time and in the same situation. Causes and influences must be looked as rhizomatic? Categorization is an abstract way of thinking, do not forget to connect your categories.
    @Balimaha saves you time to play with your toddler.

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