to be or to know? Merleau-Ponty…

Central Park New York
Have you ever been in the wind mill in Central Park New York?
If learning and education is about becoming an adult, to become a grown up person, how could one cheat?
If being a human adult is the most important objective of education, what would cheating look like?
Pretending to know is called cheating.
Pretending to be, what is that?
If someone pretends to be a careful adult and acts like a careful adult, how could we know he is cheating?

Merleau-Ponty: How can anything present itself truly to us since its synthesis is never completed? how could I gain the experience of the world, as I would of an individual actuating his own existence, since none of the views or perceptions I have of it can exhaust it and the horizons remain forever open?

(M.Merleau-ponty phenomenology de la perception p384 translation Umberto Eco in The role of the reader)
Did Merleau-Ponty invent rhizomes?
If it is true that anything we talk about is not finished yet, is stil open, is not completed, how do we call our speaking as if the things are compleet and finished? Are we in a sense cheating reality?


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