Enforcing independence?

cmapEIMindmap for introduction to this subject of enforcing independence (EI). Made with CMap.
Questions: what is the connection with rhizomatic learning and EI

Is it possible to enforce independency?

Is every student ‘ready’ for independency? And does that matter?

Lots of ethical questions here.

What about forcing one to independence and another teacher gives support and offers nice dependency to the student?

Is rhizomatic learning about independency?

How about the social interconnectedness of learning and study and independency?

Is independency a typical cultural ideal of a some cultures? How about African cultures and clan and interdependency? What is interdependency?

About the Buddhist > do nothing branche of the mindmap: It is a very short note. In Chinese Tao  some teachers preach the  do nothing  Wei Wu. One practical reason one of them wrote is: by doing nothing you do not hinder the Way.


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