Rogers independence

kabouterIn humanistiek education a student is the final judge of his own work en where the individual has to take the responsibility for deciding what criteria are important to him. (Janet Gale from a book Independent Learning in Higher Education (1984). ) via

The informal learner is the sole judge of his work, with some help of friends or others.

Rogers 1969: a blogpost on that

In most countries government does want to introduce a national curriculum. And these governments do want students to be more innovative and creative. In communist countries central planning led to disaster, now central planning is the new educational hype in the western world.

And governments want to test and measure results of schools.  Innovative and creative teachers are leaving classrooms. Students are not encouraged to be their own judges and to assess their own work in a school with a national curriculum and testing.

Informal learning and rhizomatic learning?

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