therapist or teacher?

BijbelVanAnjou08AdamEnEvaWordenVerbannenUitHetParadijs6RReal good therapist does not help, the therapist will always reply with questions that make the patient think and be an independent person.
Ellis (rational emotive behavior therapy) has a way to force clients into independence. The REBT therapist forces self-helping into the life habits of the client and empowers the client. First step in therapy is accepting responsibility for change.

A therapist I know even makes his (difficult) clients sign a contract. when the client does not work for therapy the client must pay a lot of money.
The therapist is not necessary building a warm relation with the client.

Therapy is not education, but some teachers I did learn a lot from were not warm or friendly, Is a warm and friendly relation with students always necessary? This is about students of 18 and above.

Adam and Eve must leave Paradise. Quit a shock, for now they must work and they are independent.

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